Karen Sperling's L.A. Streets-An Artist's View of Los Angeles
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Welcome to Karen Sperling's L.A. Streets

The L.A. Streets art series celebrates the City of Angels’ thoroughfares by presenting them through the prism of the artwork and books of Karen Sperling, whose art has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York and during Art Basel Miami.

Los Angeles has become an art capital of the world, and it’s fitting that the sights along its streets be commemorated with an artist’s unique perspective.

The L.A. Streets art series shows famous and little known landmarks and vistas in a style that references Pop Art, 1960’s architecture and design and Art Deco in a forward-looking 21st century way.

Check out the paintings, book, journals and shirts, tops, bags and calendar in the L.A. Streets series. Click here to write to Karen Sperling for purchasing details and to commission artwork.

Painting by Karen Sperling.

L.A. Streets ©2012 Karen Sperling. All rights reserved. No text or images may be reproduced in any form without written permission from Karen Sperling.